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April 18, 2009  |  Written by admin  |   PCI DSS   |   1 Comment

I think some visitors to this blog know I work within the payments industry so you will understand why I was happy to see the launch today.

The site is designed to help companies understand how to begin selling online and already contains some excellent information such as the How do online payments work demo and the decision to have a security area on the website which does more than just explain PCI DSS. I think this is one of the more interesting areas of the site (unsurprisingly!) for me and I look forward to seeing how it develops in the coming months. Having a dedicated area for security shows how much thought has been put into this site because security in the payments space is about more than just PCI compliance nowadays. With several high profile PSP’s (Payment Service Providers) losing card data in the past few months having good security above and beyond that mandated by PCI compliance should be an opportunity for PSP’s to use security as a selling point for their services.

The forum also has a security section which I plan on posting in as much as I can without triggering some kind of spam system so join up and ask any questions you have, I’m sure you will receive plenty of knowledgeable replies!

I believe the site will also be analysing the PSP’s who serve Irish companies and providing an independent overview of them all. I think this is the biggest selling point for the site because there is no one else providing this information in a completely independent manner.

Best of luck web payments!


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  1. dave says:

    Hi SN,
    Thanks for the mention on your blog and the positive feedback. You are correct in saying we will analyse the PSP’s who operate in the Irish market. At the moment our compare the providers section has links to the providers but we will be updating this soon. There is a lot of information to display so we want to be happy that we can present it in useful manner. Keep up the good work with your blog. Nice to see you finally joined the world of twitter :)


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