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2009 here we come!

December 29, 2008  |  Written by admin  |   Ninja News and Updates   |   Leave a comment

I think the last blog entry of the year is supposed to predict what will be the major security issues in 2009, well thats what everyone else seems to be doing anyway!

I’m not actually going to do my Nostradamus act. I have been reviewing various blogs and articles from this time last year and they didn’t really predict much that actually happened. The only thing most of them got right was the data loss issue which really continued to be a major issue in 2008. The biggest security issues/news stories in this year came out of the blue for most of us. I think this really demonstrates the need for good security and following security 101 principles such as defense in depth which allows you to quickly protect against new threats.

I have a list 5 things in mind that I think will be the major things I/my employers have to deal with in 2009 to maintain high levels of information security. If you have read my blog, seen me speak, viewed my bloginfosec column and talked with me this year (and really paid attention!) you would have a good idea of what those 5 things are!

From a personal and professional point of view this year has been both very exciting and challenging in equal measures. I’m not sure about professionally but I know for sure that personally/Security Ninja is in store for a very a busy 2009. I have some very exciting news about Security Ninja that I have to keep under wraps for now but I will be announcing in February. I can’t say very much about this right now except for it will change what Security Ninja is quite dramatically but in another way it will remain the same. Perhaps with the cryptic nature of what I’ve just said it will turn some of you guys into a Security Ninja Nostradamus!

I hope that every one else has a secure 2009!


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