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Two updates on the “new” payment processor breach

February 28, 2009  |  Written by admin  |   Data Loss, Hacking, PCI DSS   |   1 Comment

Hi everyone,

After a lot of speculation around a new data breach it appears that it might not be a new payments processor after all. In the last few days people had begun to speculate that this wasn’t another payments processor who had been breached but it was a breach of data at a processor who had already been breached once. If Visa had been so adamant in pointing it that it wasn’t Heartlands then I think that might just narrow it down to RBS WorldPay again.

More information on the recent update to this story can be found here and as usual from


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  1. keettephoky says:

    Great – kinda fantastic matter. I’m going to blog about it also.

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