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Another payments processor breached?

February 22, 2009  |  Written by admin  |   Data Loss, Hacking, PCI DSS   |   Leave a comment

Following on from the recent news about Heartlands losing potentially hundreds of millions of records rumours have been surfacing in the past week that another, potentially bigger processor has also been breached. I do have to stress the point that these are only rumours but you can find more information on these rumours here and updates will be posted by the Dataloss DB. I will of course post any additional information I come across on … Read more >

160 banks affected by Heartlands breach

February 13, 2009  |  Written by admin  |   Data Loss, Hacking, PCI DSS   |   Leave a comment

I came across an excellent resource today provided by Bank Info Security. They are compiling a list of the banks affected by the Heartlands breach including links to customer notifications and the amount of customers affected where known. The information can be found here. I would guess that this figure will rise significantly over the next couple of months. **UPDATE first arrests made in the Heartlands breach. Dave

Tough times for Trustwave and PCI DSS

January 27, 2009  |  Written by admin  |   Data Loss, Hacking, PCI DSS   |   3 Comments

Compliance management service provider and PCI QSA Trustwave appear to be having tough time recently. A colleague of mine pointed out today that Trustwave had been the QSA who certified RBS Worldpay as being compliant just 4 days before their data breach. Fair enough, every one can get caught out now and then but I have also found out that Trustwave (all complaint companies and their assessors can be found here) had also certified Heartlands … Read more >

RBS Worldpay lose 1.5 million records

December 25, 2008  |  Written by admin  |   Data Loss, PCI DSS   |   2 Comments

Hi everyone, I was informed today that the payment service provider RBS Worldpay had released details of a breach of cardholder data. After a small amount of investigation I found that the breach had occurred in November and around 1.5 million records were stolen. According to a press release on the RBS Worldpay site only 100 of these cards had been misused and they have begun taken steps towards protecting all of the cardholders with … Read more >


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