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From vulnerability to fraud, how hard is it?

February 9, 2010  |  Written by Security Ninja  |   Data Loss, Hacking, PCI DSS   |   10 Comments

Hi everyone, The blog I’m writing today is a bit different to the blogs I normally write. I normally discuss application security vulnerabilities or how to write secure code but I wanted to post something different today. I used to write the occasional post which covered a specific issue in security I’d been researching that wasn’t necessarily related to application security. I’m happy to say that I have a new Ninja Research post for you … Read more >

IRISS Conference and HackEire

November 13, 2009  |  Written by Security Ninja  |   Data Loss, Hacking, Ninja News and Updates   |   1 Comment

Hi everyone, I blogged earlier this year about how happy I was to see conferences such as Epicenter embracing information security and how great it was to see Ireland’s first dedicated application security conference, now I have even more good news for the Information Security community in Ireland! The Irish national CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) will be holding its first annual conference on the 19th of November 2009 at the D4 Berkley Court … Read more >

Can you find the vulnerabilities?

October 22, 2009  |  Written by Security Ninja  |   Application Security, Hacking   |   6 Comments

Hi everyone, I often talk about how to write secure code and how to prevent common vulnerabilities so I have decided to cover something slightly different in this blog post. The ability to identify vulnerabilities in code is an important skill for security professionals and developers to learn because if you don’t find the flaws someone else will do. This blog post includes five examples of insecure code which you should try to analyse and … Read more >

Explaining the Mozilla Content Security Policy

October 2, 2009  |  Written by Security Ninja  |   Application Security, Hacking   |   Leave a comment

Hi everyone, I saw a tweet from Robert “RSnake” Hansen this morning which explained that the Mozilla Content Security Policy has now moved to Beta status! I was very excited to see that update, so excited I thought I would blog about it and hopefully spread the excitement! I first came across the Content Security Policy a while ago and I hoped that it would finally see the light of day because it is a … Read more >


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