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Security weaknesses in airport internet kiosks

September 21, 2010  |  Written by admin  |   Data Loss, Hacking   |   4 Comments

Hi everyone, When asked about information security and defense in depth many people only think about technical controls, they will talk about technical controls such as Firewalls, IDS/IPS devices, network segregation and so on but physical security is a critical step often overlooked by many information security professionals. No matter how well you segregate your network, how you harden your systems or what authentication methods you have implemented if physical security controls fail or don’t … Read more >

Can you find the vulnerabilities(2010)?

September 10, 2010  |  Written by Security Ninja  |   Application Security, Hacking   |   Leave a comment

Hi everyone, It has been almost a year since the last “can you find the vulnerabilities” post so I thought it was time for another one. This year I’m taking a slightly different approach. The post in 2009 gave you a small piece of source code to review and you needed to find the vulnerability. This year I’m going to give you the application name, the vulnerability type/name and all of the source code for … Read more >

When security becomes sensationalism

August 26, 2010  |  Written by Security Ninja  |   Hacking, Ninja News and Updates   |   3 Comments

Hi everyone, This is our second blog post of the week and it’s a bit different to the content we normally publish on the Security Ninja blog! My colleague Angel Alonso will be writing today’s blog post so before I hand you to over Angel I wanted to give you a bit more information about his knowledge and experience: Angel Alonso works as the Head of Operations Security for Realex Payments in Dublin. During his … Read more >

Burp Suite Tutorial – The Intruder Tool

March 12, 2010  |  Written by Security Ninja  |   Application Security, Hacking   |   14 Comments

Hi everyone, I have been spending some time this week reviewing some of the old Security Ninja blog posts now that we are getting close to our second birthday. I wanted to create a list of things I’ve promised to write about but never got around to doing. The first item on my list is a tutorial for the Burp Suite. If you Google “Burp Suite Tutorial” my blog post from 2008 saying I was … Read more >


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