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Yearly Archives: 2008

SHA3 first round candidates announced

December 23, 2008  |  Written by admin  |   Application Security   |   Leave a comment

NIST has announced the first round of candidates for the new SHA3 hashing algorithm. Nothing too exciting on the site so far but it does list the candidates and provide download links for the algorithms code. It is interesting to see Ron Rivest (MD6) and Bruce Schneier (Skein) are listed as candidates for the first round. Interesting times ahead! Dave

A well defined SDL doesn't garauntee security

December 23, 2008  |  Written by admin  |   Application Security   |   7 Comments

I did briefly mention the recent IE flaw which caused a bit of a media frenzy last week but I would like to look into why the the flaw was in the software in the first place. Microsoft have released a very honest review of how the flaw made it into the live software here. The flaw was basically a TOCTOU (Time Of Check Time Of Use) error in which an array wasn’t evaluated close … Read more >

Microsoft early christmas present

December 18, 2008  |  Written by admin  |   Hacking   |   Leave a comment

Well Microsoft will be giving us all an early christmas present this week. Unfortunately instead of finding a nice present in our stockings we will be finding a lovely new Microsoft patch! Wooo! In all seriousness its the second time in the past few months that Microsoft has issued an out of cycle patch. The vulnerability it will be patching is in the Internet Explorer browser. The discussion of this vulnerability started last week and … Read more >

Airport Security

December 15, 2008  |  Written by admin  |   Ninja News and Updates   |   Leave a comment

I wouldn’t normally comment on airport security on this blog but I feel I have to now! I’m not talking about the fact you need to turn up 2/3 hours before the flight, with the size of airports like Heathrow you need that time to reach your gate What I’m commenting (moaning about?) on is the security checks in the airport that you have to go through. I have traveled through 4 different airports in … Read more >


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